A Collection of Images and Film Clips by Graeme Webster

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Not so many of these about these days, although I'm sure this phone-box at Bigbury gets plenty of custom given the non-existent mobile reception. Click on the image to expand it.

The interior was interesting too.  The following video says it all:

As sign of the decay of olde worlde tele-communications or just somewhere warm and stinky?

You decide. ;-)


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Surfmat - GoPro Screengrab

I was in two minds about this.  I pulled this screen grab from THIS VIDEO.  It's a shot of my friend Ian Wraith riding his surfmat at Mawgan Porth.  Being a screen grab, you tend to lose a lot of clarity but I think it still has an interesting effect.

The GoPro camera does give the option of taking photo's with a 5MP camera using the  135 degree fisheye lense. Certainly something to explore.

Anyway, here's the shot.



Thursday, 20 October 2011

The abstract...

I'm gearing myself up to get some new shots at present. I'm off for the coming week and the wind forecast looks ropy for surfing meaning I'll probably get snapping.

In the meantime, here are a few more abstract images I've taken over the years. Sometimes you just want to get heavy handed on the PhotoShopping!  As always, click on the images to see them full sixe.

Hope you enjoy them.

First off, a couple of shots from a derelict building in West Cornwall.  This building was an out building at East Pool Mine.

Wheal Frances mine here, again in West Cornwall. A crude effect this but I had fun!

Sticking with the properly abstract, this shot is of Webbo's (my son) eye.  His mum hates this but he loves it!

Sticking with odd looking kids (only joking), this is my little mat Sam who lives down the road from me. Again my wife hates this. Luckily Sam's mum and dad like it!  It did raise questions about Sam's mum having a one night stand with Papa Surf mind!

I guess this one could've been included in the previous skate post although it fits better here I think.  This was actually a real blurred capture but I loved the shadow so got busy editing.

I love macro and I love depth of field and the following have both.

I really went to town aperture wise on both of this. Wide angle macro lens really helps too with this shot from Prime Skatepark.

Milbrook Skatepark this time. I feel a bit of a fraud displaying the next two really as the art's not mine but it is great art.

This one was actually nothing like these colours so heavy filter work was needed.

These two were taken on the same rainy day in a holiday chalet.

This one looks like something out of an Ikea catalogue... I know...

I snapped this at a dog show, bizarrely. Has a real prison look I thought.

I snapped this on a demo against the obliteration of the NHS by our Tory government. It didn't help but the blood will be on their hands.

I got this on a recent trip to Brittany.

Newquay Airport. I really want to replicate this with a plane in it... The waves were calling me though....

Finally, one of my personal faves.

Thanks for following.



Sunday, 16 October 2011


I've long had an interest in rolling, being very into Mountainboarding until it nearly crippled me.  Skating, however is something I have never been good at. It is something I admire though and also something my boy, Joe (AKA "Webbo"), has a natural talent for.

It's been a while since I've been able to get any shots as Webbo's kinda hit that stage of not wanting me to.  I really need to get back on it though. Anyway, here are some for your perusal. As always, click on the pics to see 'em all big.

First up, this one really sums up a lot of happy memories for my family when the Kids' Club at the local skate park was pretty new and pretty quiet.  Webbo and my wife Becky at Prime Skatepark, Plymouth:

Another of Webbo at Prime during a phase of his of going to the main open evenings. They could get pretty busy but he held his own OK.

These were taken on the same evening:

Of course there are more parks around than Prime. Cornwall is renowned for having a number of good skateparks.  These shots are from Tucking Mill, between Cambourne and Redruth, West Cornwall:

And finally, the bizarre phenomenon that is Millbrook Skatepark.  This is a good, but not spectacular park, however the fact that it's in the middle of a really small village makes it odd, especially when you consider that it's always quiet but really well maintained!

I really do need to get back to shooting some of this stuff... It's been a while....

Anyway to finish, here's a short video of Webbo at Millbrook. Enjoy.



Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kicking things off...

Hello there. I'm Graeme and this is my new blog.

What's it about? Well, I've been getting some images, mainly stills, for the last 12 months or so and have been adding them to my flickr page. Thing is, Flickr seems a touch restrictive in many ways and, from what I hear, it's far from uncommon to have an account deleted with pretty much no explanation!

Anyway, enough of that... Back to this...

My plan for this blog is to act as a gallery for my stuff. I'm getting more into using film too these days so hope to get some clips up as well.  Anyway, it's certainly not even close to being the best there is out there but gives me pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's something to start things off. A roof at Outer Hope Cove in South Devon.  I'd had some great waves in the local area prior to this and was sat in my car at the top of the hill separating Inner and Outer Hope enjoying my breakfast. It had been a real misty... no, foggy morning but for a second it lifted giving a glimps of great light on this.  I like the white fog background.

Click on the pic to make it bigger.