A Collection of Images and Film Clips by Graeme Webster

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kicking things off...

Hello there. I'm Graeme and this is my new blog.

What's it about? Well, I've been getting some images, mainly stills, for the last 12 months or so and have been adding them to my flickr page. Thing is, Flickr seems a touch restrictive in many ways and, from what I hear, it's far from uncommon to have an account deleted with pretty much no explanation!

Anyway, enough of that... Back to this...

My plan for this blog is to act as a gallery for my stuff. I'm getting more into using film too these days so hope to get some clips up as well.  Anyway, it's certainly not even close to being the best there is out there but gives me pleasure. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's something to start things off. A roof at Outer Hope Cove in South Devon.  I'd had some great waves in the local area prior to this and was sat in my car at the top of the hill separating Inner and Outer Hope enjoying my breakfast. It had been a real misty... no, foggy morning but for a second it lifted giving a glimps of great light on this.  I like the white fog background.

Click on the pic to make it bigger.




  1. mats....more mats .....NEED mats ( maniacal cackle) - hahahahaha !!

  2. I like it. There's something (glassy) wave-like about the roof pitch and tiles (that intense blue sheen). Maybe I'm due a surf today...

  3. Very much appreciated fellas.